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The bad boys!

The band was founded in 2015 by guitarist George Matikas (ex- Shock Absorber) who joined forces with Tasos D.(Prassein Aloga) on the drums , Nik Danielos(ex-Bend for eleven) on the bass and Dean Mess (W.A.N.T.E.D. , Payday) on the vocals. This new act was formed in order to capture the sound of the late night jams of a lively neighbourhood  in Thessaloniki’s downtown. George wanted to create the group that could play the soundtrack of ladadika’s neighbourhood and so Downtown Association happened. The debut album “City Guide” was released on December 2016 successfully introducing the new band to the hard rock/metal audience. The second album titled “Born Enraged” didn’t have to wait to long and so it went out on March 2019 gaining a bigger circle of attention. The band’s third album will be released in 2021.

Downtown Association: Artists
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