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Heavy wariors

Steel Arctus is a heavy metal band from Greece founded in 2020 by guitarist and main songwriter Nash G.'Thanasis Gousis'(Silvernite,Nash B.C.)
On vocals was recruited Tasos Lazaris(Fortress under Siege,Hyperfuel) and on drums Xines(Awaiting the Vultures) from Portugal.
The album was mixed and mastered by Stratos Karagiannidis 'Strutter'(Gus G, Wardrum, W.A.N.T.E.D. ,Silvernite) at Valve studios in Thessaloniki.
The fantasy cover was illustrated by Manos Lagouvardos.

The debut album 'Fire and Blood' is a mix of classic heavy metal with epic metal elements.
The concept is about the warrior Steel Arctus who is fighting at Pindos Mountains and each song reveals one of his adventures.
The album is consisted of eight tracks of 30 minutes total music and it will be released on October 30 by Valve Studio Records.

Steel Arctus: TeamMember
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